Georgetown Student Explores Internship Opportunities in African Agribusiness

Georgetown Student Explores Internship Opportunities in African Agribusiness

Education City senior Alexander M. Wegner, currently studying International Politics at Georgetown University Qatar (GU-Q), recently returned from Berlin, Germany, upon completing a summer internship at Accenture, a management consultancy firm.

Over the course of the three month internship at the global company, which has locations in more than 120 countries, Alexander prepared powerpoint presentations and contributed to the company’s research efforts. He was also encouraged to pursue his own research interests.

“Each intern’s skills and interests are reviewed by the company and tasks which fit the individual’s strengths and objectives are assigned,” explained Alexander.

Working out of Accenture’s department of Sustainability Services, Alexander’s research focus, “How Market Efficiency Yields Agricultural Productivity”, was intended to develop a “strategy for food security enhancement through the optimization of African agribusiness.”

“The world population may reach 10 billion people by 2100, the majority of whom will reside in cities,” explained Alexander. “Unless productivity improves through methods more sustainable than those of the Green Revolution, food security cannot prevail. This is why I chose to explore the role of infrastructure, institutions and information in improving market efficiency for increased sustainability, food security and long-term business value in the research I conducted at GU-Q and through the internship.”

The internship was an independent initiative, but GU-Q mentors Edward Kolla, Assistant Professor in Historyprovided support and assistance prior to the internship.

Speaking about internship opportunities, Sandy Kim, Career Services Manager said, “Internships are an incredibly vital step for students transitioning from the world of academics, to the working world. Whether the internship is through GU-Q’s extensive network of corporate and government partnerships, or through another program, we want to make sure that our students have all of the necessary resources to succeed.”

Alexander started at GU-Q in 2010 following an introduction to the university from visiting representatives of Georgetown’s main campus in Washington D.C., at his boarding school in Southern Germany. The strong curriculum appealed to the high school senior’s interest in international affairs. “And when both a friend, who was already a student there, and my mentor suggested GU-Q, emphasizing the strength of the faculty and facilities, it did not take long to decide.”

Reflecting on how his choice of a Georgetown University education has affected him, he noted that “Qatar and GU-Q have given me the ability to easily adapt to new environments through their diverse and interactive setting. Students are encouraged to explore the world and themselves, which teaches us to perceive and approach issues holistically. This was highly useful during the internship.”

Alexander hopes to ultimately pursue a PhD in Political Science in order to “assess and contribute ideas, which have, and will continue, to shape this world.”