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GU-Q and Staging the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

GU-Q’s history of research and academic projects related to preparation for Qatar as a major sports hub include a variety of research projects and events. In addition, our executive and professional development programs have contributed to the country’s capacity to host the event through education around public private partnerships, emergency management, protocol, and sports management, with alumni playing central roles in the planning and execution of the largest sports event in the world.

The Social Science of Sport: Research, Programs, and Outcomes

The Qatari Phrasebook App

Qatari Phrasebook App

The first language app developed for use in a World Cup, the Qatari Phrasebook app from instructor Hany Fazza allows visitors to learn and use common Arabic Qatari phrases through English, French, and 11 newly introduced interface languages. The app has already been used successfully to train FIFA volunteers.

Qatar FIFA World Cup

Qatar and the 2022 FIFA World Cup – Politics, Controversy, Change, by Paul Michael Brannagan and Danyel Reiche (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022) 

Sport in the Middle East

Routledge Handbook of Sport in the Middle East, edited by Danyel Reiche and Paul Michael Branagan (Routledge, 2022)

Sport, Politics, and Society

Sport, Politics and Society in the Middle East, edited by Danyel Reiche and Tamir Sorek (Oxford University Press, 2019)

Football in the Middle East

Football in the Middle East: State, Society, and the Beautiful Game, edited by Abdullah Al-Arian (Oxford University Press/Hurst, 2022) 

Islamic Bioethics Project

The IBP project website has a variety of resources related to health and medicine from an Islamic ethics perspective and informs the practice of sports medicine and health in Qatar.


Activities Timeline


The Small States Research Program is launched to investigate the specific concerns related to Qatar and other small state’s influence in the world and how being a small state informs its policies and strategies (including sports diplomacy).


The CIRS Qatar’s World Cup Goals: Moving from the Periphery to the Center research project is launched, and examines the role the FIFA World Cup 2022 plays in enabling the small yet affluent State of Qatar in the Arabian Peninsula to move from the periphery of global sports and politics to the center.


The CIRS FIFA Building a Legacy research project is launched to provide a platform for academic engagement with the tournament and examine the implications of staging “the world’s greatest sporting event” on the social, political, and economic development of Qatar as well as on regional and global affairs.


CIRS Football in the Middle East research project is launched to to provide insight on the political, economic, and social dynamics of football within the region including issues related to gender, tourism, social mobility, media broadcasting rights, the 2022 World Cup, and sports infrastructure.


CIRS Sports, Society, and the State in the Middle East research project is launched, which examines sports within the context of the contemporary Middle East, including state-society relations, political economy, and international relations. 


International Executive Master’s in Emergency and Disaster Management is launched in cooperation with Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies with projects and studies around mega-event management.

QNRF Award: Structure of Nuclear Family in the Wake of Genetic and Reproductive Technologies (NPRP8-1478-6-053 2016-2020)


Term academic partnership with Josoor Institute, a sports and events industry-focused center of excellence designed to provide world-class training facilities and education programs, 2013-2019.


QNRF Award: Encyclopedia of Islamic Bioethics (NPRP5-1390-6-043) 2012-2016. Read More


QNRF Award on Islamic Medicine and Health: “Developing an Information Resource to Support Research on Islamic Medical and Scientific Ethics” (NPRP8-783-6-017) 2009-2013. See Database

Alumni Involvement in Planning the World Cup

H.E. Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad Al Thani (SFS‘09) served as chairman of the Qatar 2022 Bid Committee that successfully brought the World Cup to Qatar. He is now the Managing Director of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy and responsible for building the infrastructure needed to host the event. Dr. Salma Mousa, Assistant Professor, Yale University, gave a talk on how Muslim football stars reduce Islamophobia in the countries in which they reside for the Building a Legacy lecture series.


Georgetown Brings World Cup Fever to Washington, DC

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Georgetown Brings World Cup Fever to Washington, DC

As sports fans from across the globe began streaming into Doha, GU-Q brought a range of student athlete activities, academic lectures, and World Cup kickoff celebrations to Georgetown University in…