Former Participants - 2014

Participants of the 2013 Conference, their universities and paper titles are alphabetically listed below.

Alexander Keivahn Smith (Princeton University)
"Reactive To Proactive: The Evolution Of American Sanctions Targeting Iran"

Alexander Wegner (Georgetown University)
"An Assessment of and Contribution to Explanatory Variables for the Arab Spring"

Aminah Kandar (Georgetown University)
"Beyond Anti-Semitism"

Amna Abdullah Sadiq (Qatar University)
"The Third Phase of Arabic News TV Coverage and the Public Interests"

Caitlin Elizabeth Attal (Georgetown University)
"The Media War in Syria: The Battle for the Last Word"

Dana Qarout (Georgetown University)
"Kurdish Ethno-nationalism and Insurgency"

Dimitris Sardellis (Georgetown University)
"The Consumption Culture and its Effect on the Qatari Society"

Emilio Eibenschutz (Georgetown University)
"Identity Formation in the State of Qatar"

Fatima Al-Dosari (Qatar University)
"The United States of America in the Eyes of the Youth in Qatar"

Gavriel Matan Rosenfeld-Barnhard (Princeton University)
"Women and al-Nahda: A post-Jasmine Revolution Understanding of Women’s Rights in Tunisia"

Gregory Walter Ferris (Temple University)
"Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: Chavezism as the Most Durable Model of Autocracy in the Post-Arab Spring World"

Gwendolyn Frances Schaefer (University of Kentucky)
"The Limbodification of Female Iraqi Refugees in Jordan: A Process of Perpetual Liminality"

Islam Hassan (Georgetown University)
"'Relationship Status: It’s Complicated': American Foreign Policy Towards Egypt During the Obama Administration"

James Hollo (Northwestern University)
"Our Interests Come First"

Katherine Margaret Zuk (Temple University)
"Civil Conflict and the Struggle for Democracy in Algeria."

Malik Habayeb (Georgetown University)
"Fragmentation in the Face of Occupation"

Mark Ryan Jahnke (Harvard University)
"Exploring different aspects of HIV in Iran"

Mary Elizabeth Kenefake (Wellesley College)
"The Socioeconomic Transformation of Iran: Reform and Revolution 1973 – 1985"

Nadia Sarra Elboubkri (Temple University)
"Gender Inequality and Social Mobilization in North Africa: A Comparative Case Study of Moroccan and Tunisian Women's Movements Post-Arab Spring"

Nadirah Omar Mansour (Princeton University)
"Beyond Anti-Semitism"

Pablo Tutillo (Connecticut College)
"Revising the History of the Sacred Foundations of Islam: The Exploration for Women’s Position in the Islamic World"

Sahan Sahsuvaroglu (Georgetown University)
"Qatar: The Cost of Change"

Suhaim Al-Thani (Georgetown University)
"Jihad and Its Changing Interpretations Throughout History"

Zarqa Parvez (Georgetown University)
"The Effects of Modernity on the Status of Women in Saudi Arabia"