Who We Are

The Middle Eastern Studies Student Association (MESSA) serves to voice undergraduate research that is conducted at Georgetown University, whether in Qatar or the United States, and concerns issues which are pivotal to Middle Eastern affairs. Striving to foster and enhance undergraduate research, MESSA enables students, from Georgetown University and across the globe, to voice their research and facilitates a breadth and depth of discussion about respective economic, political and social affairs.

What We Do

  • Organize an annual undergraduate conference on Middle Eastern Studies that enables students from universities across the globe to voice, discuss and enhance their research concerning the Middle East.
  • Publish an annual academic journal of Middle Eastern Studies that presents undergraduate research concerning the Middle East through conference papers, and independently solicited essays.
  • Build awareness about and spark interest in the Certificate of Arab and Regional Studies, offered at Georgetown University, and the range of regional issues, which it has and continues to illuminate.
  • Connect thoughtful undergraduates with leaders from academia, as well as the private, public and nonprofit sectors within and beyond the Middle East, to allow for the sharing and enhancing of ideas.