Executive Committee

The MESSA Board organizes the annual Undergraduate Conference on Middle Eastern Studies and is comprised of the following undergraduate students for the academic year 2017-2018:


Executive Committee


Wessam Kanes

Class of 2018


Vice Presidents

Yara AlKahala                        Haya Al Thani

Class of 2018              Class of 2018


External Relations


Afif Haitsam, Class of 2018

Deputy Director

Amber Faull, Class of 2018

External Relations Strategist 

Natasha Vincent, Class of 2021



Serena Jackson, Class of 2020

Deputy Director

Yasmine Fade, Class of 2020

Communications Content Editor

Harleen Osahan, Class of 2021


Social Media


Sarah Al Mutoteh, Class of 2019

Social Media Content Strategist

Irakli Gobejishvili, Class of 2021


Conference Logistics


Sara Al Haj Abed, Class of 2020

Events Liaison Officer

Tala Kamar, Class of 2020

Faculty Liaison Officer

Tanya Grover, Class of 2018

Assistant Faculty Liaison Officer

Irene Promodh, Class of 2021

IT Liaison Officer

Murchhana Dash, Class of 2020