2016 Undergraduate Conference

MESSA Conference 2016

Middle Eastern Studies Students Association (MESSA)

Thu Mar 17, 2016 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Conference Schedule

9:00 AM: Breakfast and Registration

10:00 AM: Opening Ceremony

Introduction to the MESSA Conference and Theme

Keynote Address by Fahad Al-Attiya

11- 12:30 PM: Panel 1- Constructing Qatari Identity: Then and Now

Nadia al-Khater, Georgetown University, Qatar
Codification of Kinship Customs: Gendered Citizenship Laws in Qatar

Asli Altinisik, Georgetown University, Qatar
Art in Qatar: A Contextual Analysis

Malak Monir, Northwestern University, Qatar
Examining the Gender Gap: Where are the educated Qatari Women in the Workforce?

Jueun Choi, Northwestern University, Qatar
The Politics of Rentier Benefits and Permanent Residency in Qatar

12:30-13:30 PM: Lunch

13:30-15:00 PM: Panel 2- Civil Society and Cultural Contestation  

Alexa Liedke, University of Virginia, United States
Deconstructing the Closet: Sexuality and Mobility in Post-Colonial Epistemology and Ontology

Remy Cipriano, Georgetown University, United States
Combatting Sectarianism and Political Inefficacy through Faith-Based Reconciliation in Postwar Lebanon

Shahnawaz Zali/Nissryne Dib, Northwestern University, Qatar
Cartoons in Protest – The effect of Political Cartoons during the Arab Spring


15-15:30 PM: Coffee Break


15:30-17:00 PM: Panel 3- Political Economy and the Evolution of Extremism

Ritica Ramesh, Georgetown University, Qatar
Demystifying The Islamic State: Origins, Governance & Women’s Rights


Luke Zaro, Fordham University, United States
Strengths, Tensions, and Concerns for U.S.-Saudi Relations from 1979 until Present Day: How will Changing U.S.-Iranian Relations Affect U.S.-Saudi Relations?

Aya Makki, Georgetown University, Qatar
Striving in the Path of Jihad

Aleena Ijaz, University of Virginia, United States
Youth Unemployment and Terrorism in the Middle East, the Destabilizing Effects of a Discouraged Youth Labor Force

Azka Zia, Georgetown University, Qatar
Finding Foucault in ISIS


17:15-19:00 PM: Closing Ceremony and Dinner

MESSA Conference 2016