2016 Undergraduate Conference

MESSA Conference 2016

Middle Eastern Studies Students Association (MESSA)

Thu Mar 17, 2016 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Conference Schedule

9:00 AM: Breakfast and Registration

10:00 AM: Opening Ceremony

Introduction to the MESSA Conference and Theme

Keynote Address by Fahad Al-Attiya

11- 12:30 PM: Panel 1- Constructing Qatari Identity: Then and Now

Nadia al-Khater, Georgetown University, Qatar
Codification of Kinship Customs: Gendered Citizenship Laws in Qatar

Asli Altinisik, Georgetown University, Qatar
Art in Qatar: A Contextual Analysis

Malak Monir, Northwestern University, Qatar
Examining the Gender Gap: Where are the educated Qatari Women in the Workforce?

Jueun Choi, Northwestern University, Qatar
The Politics of Rentier Benefits and Permanent Residency in Qatar

12:30-13:30 PM: Lunch

13:30-15:00 PM: Panel 2- Civil Society and Cultural Contestation  

Alexa Liedke, University of Virginia, United States
Deconstructing the Closet: Sexuality and Mobility in Post-Colonial Epistemology and Ontology

Remy Cipriano, Georgetown University, United States
Combatting Sectarianism and Political Inefficacy through Faith-Based Reconciliation in Postwar Lebanon

Shahnawaz Zali/Nissryne Dib, Northwestern University, Qatar
Cartoons in Protest – The effect of Political Cartoons during the Arab Spring


15-15:30 PM: Coffee Break


15:30-17:00 PM: Panel 3- Political Economy and the Evolution of Extremism

Ritica Ramesh, Georgetown University, Qatar
Demystifying The Islamic State: Origins, Governance & Women’s Rights


Luke Zaro, Fordham University, United States
Strengths, Tensions, and Concerns for U.S.-Saudi Relations from 1979 until Present Day: How will Changing U.S.-Iranian Relations Affect U.S.-Saudi Relations?

Aleena Ijaz, University of Virginia, United States
Youth Unemployment and Terrorism in the Middle East, the Destabilizing Effects of a Discouraged Youth Labor Force

Azka Zia, Georgetown University, Qatar
Finding Foucault in ISIS


17:15-19:00 PM: Closing Ceremony and Dinner