A Summer of Wonder from the States to Shanghai: Georgetown Students Study the World

Aug 7, 2019

For Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) students, gaining international experience is critical to their development as leaders and global citizens.  This summer, students traveled around the globe for research and study experiences that allowed them to engage with diverse cultures in global centers of politics, business, and art.

For example, Abdulla Al Malki (GU-Q ’21), a rising junior majoring in International Politics, spent his summer in Washington, DC taking classes at Georgetown’s campus. He experienced life in the Capitol of America first-hand while taking classes on Negotiating Middle East Peace, and International Trade just minutes away from where many of these global negotiations take place. The for-credit summer classes gave him extra time for reflection and exploration. “Negotiating peace is a very controversial issue...we were allowed the room to deconstruct and focus on each specific issue.”

In Germany, Culture and Politics major Aiza Khan (GU-Q ‘20) along with five other students and one alumni, participated in a research project with GU-Q Associate Professor Sohaira Siddiqui. The trip was part of a German Academic Exchange Service grant-funded project called “Exploring the Feminine in Islam” between GU-Q and the University of Tübingen. The project aims to create an international research network of female scholars, theologians and practitioners to discuss issues of contemporary Islamic legal and theological significance as it relates to gender. For Aiza it was an eye opening experience. “Conversing with peers and professors from diverse backgrounds has allowed me to understand the power structures that exist and develop a better understanding of the world I live in.”

Anji Effat (GUQ ‘21) traveled to China for a cultural and language program at Shanghai International Studies University.  “I chose this program because I have always been fascinated by the language, and I wanted to experience a completely different culture.” Located in the heart of the financial capital of China, this program offered Anji the chance to experience a global economic hub, an important immersive learning experience for the International Economics major.

At Villa Le Balze, Georgetown’s internationally recognized study center in Florence, Italy, International Politics major Sarah Al-Mutoteh (GU-Q ‘20), spent her summer living and taking classes on Italian culture and society. Nestled in a garden in the hills overlooking Florence and just minutes from the city center, the Villa offered Sarah both a relaxing respite and an exciting academic experience. “I decided to go to Italy to take a break from my major and exercise a side of my brain that I haven’t used in a while. I have had an incredible time understanding the relationship between neuroscience, art, and aesthetic value!”

Whether it is to further their studies or experience a new culture and landscape, GU-Q students are encouraged to see the world at Georgetown campuses abroad, or at over 100 partner universities. For these up and coming international affairs experts, negotiating a cool summer learning experience is just part of their education.

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