About Internships

What is an Internship?

An internship is a structured and supervised professional experience that allows students to link classroom theories with practical knowledge in the workplace. It is a career development opportunity that allows students to test the world of work while they are pursuing their studies.

Internships at Georgetown University SFS-Qatar are not a degree requirement and are not awarded any credits. However, SFS-Qatar highly encourages students to pursue internships to gain valuable work experience prior to graduation. This will provide them with a competitive edge in today’s demanding employment market.

Types of Internships

The internships offered may either be paid or non-paid. As the employer, you will determine if compensation will be offered.

Internships are offered during each Semester (Fall: between August and December & Spring: between January and April) where students are required to work no more than 20 hours per week. Employers are kindly requested to be flexible about working hours during exam times and should discuss a mutually suitable work schedule with the interns during that time.

During Summer Internships (between May and August) students are free to work full-time up to 40 hours per week.

Benefits For Employers

Through internships, you can find talented students to assist with necessary and important tasks. An internship is mutually beneficial; while employers provide the learning experience, students offer the necessary office, project, or department support. By providing students with important opportunities for intellectual, career, and leadership development, your organization fulfills its social and civic responsibility, and the cost to you is minimal yet the rewards for the students are immeasurable.

Key questions you, as an employer, need to ask before considering hosting interns:

  • Is the work appropriate for a university student?
  • Will we be able to offer sufficient learning opportunities?
  • Is there an available and qualified supervisor on site to mentor interns?
  • Will we be able to provide appropriate resources for the interns to do the job?
  • Are the required job and responsibilities sufficiently challenging and correspond with interns’ skills level?
  • SFS-Qatar students will bring value to your organization. Learn more about our students!
  • Interested in partnering with us? Start by reading Terms and Conditions for Internships.