SFS-Q Student Profile

The curriculum in SFS-Qatar allows for the development of a core set of skills sought after by employers in a wide range of occupational settings.

A sample of representative skills and abilities which students develop while they are in SFS-Qatar are the following:


Global Awareness

  • Knowledge of current affairs
  • Understanding cultural contexts & Sensitivity to cultural differences
  • Ability to apply differentiated knowledge in diverse contexts
  • Comprehension of world players, relations, dynamics, and networks
  • Ability to see the big picture with a special attention to vital details


Critical Thinking Skills

  • Synthesizing themes from diverse sources
  • Ability to interpret social and political data
  • Integrating of theory and practice
  • Understanding complex factors within problems
  • Perceiving patterns/structures
  • Comparing/contrasting interpretations
  • Assessing cultural differences and conflicting viewpoints


Communication Skills

  • Public speaking
  • Presenting written information clearly and concisely
  • Ability to express multiple viewpoints
  • Analytical writing & Editing
  • Summarizing and presenting information


Research Skills

  • Research design, implementation and evaluation
  • Examination of theory
  • Ability to utilize various online and print research resources
  • Defining problems and formulating and assessing hypotheses
  • Gathering and analyzing information
  • Using and analyzing original resources
  • Interpreting data objectively
  • Evaluating evidence and results
  • Reading critically


Team Work

  • Working with others, one-to-one and in groups
  • Setting goals and delegating group members' roles
  • Group project management and leading work groups
  • Developing feedback mechanism
  • Reaching consensus-based decisions


Did you know that SFS graduates from Georgetown, Washington DC campus, hold/have held some of these positions?

  • Deputy Bureau Chief at CNN News Washington, DC
  • Partner of DC Area Law Firm
  • Producer of ABC’s Nightline
  • Senior VP for Policy at Network Solutions
  • President of the United States
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