Cross Registration

Starting with the second (sophomore) year, Georgetown students may enroll in classes at other Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) schools pending space available in the class, and the approval of an academic advisor and the Assistant Registrar for SFS-Qatar. Students may not take more than one consortium class in a semester and may not take more than four such courses over the period of their degree.

Currently, cross-registration is offered at:

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Northwestern University
  • Texas A&M University
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Weill-Cornell Medical College

Cross-registration courses can count towards fulfilling the requirements of the BSFS degree. In order to earn Georgetown credit for a cross-registration course, you must pass it with a grade of C or higher. The grade you earn in a cross-registration course will appear on your Georgetown transcript, but will not be factored into your cumulative GPA.

Ordinarily, cross-registration courses count as free electives. However, a student can petition to have a cross-registration course count as major or certificate credit at SFS-Q. To do so, students should present a copy of the course syllabus for review to their academic advisor.

Classes available for cross-registration will be posted each semester. Students must do the following to register:

  • Complete the cross-university registration request form. Download it here
  • Discuss course request with your academic advisor and obtain their signature on the form.
  • Present registration form to Assistant Registrar at SFS-Qatar for signature.
  • Submit registration form to the institution presenting that course
  • Wait for confirmation from the institution. If you do NOT obtain a seat, please make sure you advise the Assistant Registrar to have that course removed from your SFS-Q registration record.
  • If necessary, make any changes to your schedule by the add/drop deadline for that semester.
  • Students studying abroad at SFS-Q are eligible to take cross-registration courses and must follow the same registration procedures and policies as SFS-Q students.

Download the Cross Registration Form. The form must be typed, not handwritten.



FALL 2017 cross-registration information:

(will be updated through the summer with links to relevant information as it becomes available from the host institution)

Please check with the host institution what their application deadlines are if not indicated below.


Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q): Courses - Select Fall 2017 main campus, then Part of Term = SFS Qatar; Please see notes below:

  1. Students wishing to take an ARABxxx or FRENxxx course MUST take a language placement test - no exceptions. The date and time of the test will be made available during the summer. We will keep the Registrar/Student Records offices informed of language placement tests details.
  2. Applications for cross-registration will close at 4pm on Tuesday 22 August 2017. Completed forms should be submitted to the office of the Assistant Registrar, Room 1D15 in the Academic Affairs suite of the GU-Q building. Forms not completed in full or missing the passport copy will be rejected.
  3. A list of courses available for cross-registration can be found here.


Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMUQ): CMUQ will accept cross registration forms for Fall 17 from August 13 to August 23 until 5:00pm. Forms must be submitted to Enrollment Services in room 1098. Fall 2017 classes can be viewed using this link (Select Doha Qatar for Teaching Location).


Northwestern University in Qatar (NUQ): NU-Q Fall 17 course offerings are available at:

We will accept and process cross-registration from 13th August through 22nd August at 3 p.m. Completed form with passport copies should be submitted to Student Records office G-116.


Texas A&M University in Qatar (TAMUQ):TAMUQ will accept forms from August 13 through August 23 at 4:00 p.m. Forms should be submitted to the Office of Records in room 103D. Our fall classes can be found at Please select “Fall 2017-Qatar”.

TAMU-Q requires you to submit both the paper Cross-registration application form, and an online application form. The ‘cross-registration applicant’ link to apply online can be found here.


Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCUQ): VCUQ will accept signed/approved Cross Registration Forms starting August 13, 8:00am. We will process them, in the order in which they were received starting on August 20, at 8:00am. Please see the Fall 2017 VCUQatar Schedule here . The cross-registration column is indicated in red font (2nd to last column on the right). Please note that all remains subject to change.

Cross-reg students are reminded that:

  • at VCUQatar, cross registration is handled at the Office of Records and Registration. In other words, it is NOT appropriate for a non-VCUQatar student to negotiate a seat in the class directly with a faculty member.
  • they may not "sit in" in the class in the hope to get registered. A student may only attend a class if s/he is effectively registered for that class first.


Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (WCMCQ): See the course schedule here. The list of courses open to cross-reg will be made available at the end of July.

Please note: if the student is enrolling for the first time at WCM-Q, they need to submit a colored copy of their passport along with their registration form. Cross-reg forms will be accepted from Sunday 13 August until Thursday 24 August 2017. Forms should be delivered to the Office of the Registrar/Student Affairs Division in the South Hall of WCMQ. Forms without the passport copy will be rejected.