Hoya Leadership Pathway: Georgetown Launches New Student Leadership Program

Nov 24, 2016

A new initiative by Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) seeks to recognize students who are actively engaged in the University’s many co-curricular programs and leadership development opportunities. The Hoya Leadership Pathway aims to highlight the students who dedicate their time and effort toward experiential learning and leadership skill building.

To be recognized under the new program, students will need to demonstrate that they have participated in various on and off-campus activities, peer reflection circles, and leadership workshops.  Activities can include student clubs, internships, honor council, sports, studying abroad, volunteering, research, and student employment.  

As part of the program, students reflect and write about the various leadership competencies they have learned, which can include self-management, moving ideas into action, working in a team, communication, project management, and service.

Once they have completed these activities, students will need to submit an application towards attaining one of the Hoya Leadership Pathway tiers – copper, bronze, silver and gold – which each have specific minimum requirements. To be eligible for the awards, students should be in good standing with the University.

“Georgetown students are consistently engaged in the community, both in Qatar and beyond, through a range of activities. From giving their time towards leading student clubs and sports teams to partaking in career-advancing internships, they embody Georgetown’s value of educating the whole person,” said Sandy Kim, assistant director of student leadership development at GU-Q. “With this new program, we hope to recognize those who have learned important leadership skills and help them create a compelling narrative regarding their leadership abilities.”

Students can include any activities they have been involved in during their time at GU-Q on their applications, allowing them to reach higher tiers as they progress through the academic years. Students who achieve one of the tiers in the Hoya Leadership Pathway will be honored at a special award banquet and be presented with a commemorative pin which they can wear on their graduation robes.

The deadline for students to submit applications detailing their participation is 1 April 2017. More information is available on the GU-Q Campus Life website here:

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