Coffee & Conversation Hour

Language coffee hours are informal language circles where students meet with their peers to improve conversational skills over a cup of coffee and sweets. Coffee hours take place weekly and times vary each semester.

  • French Coffee Hour 
  • Urdu Circle
  • Arabic Coffee Hour


Throughout the year, OAS holds workshops that help students develop skills for academic achievement across a variety of disciplines.

  • Time Management
  • Citations
  • Writing an Effective Paragraph
  • Arabic Grammar- The Basics
  • Microeconomics Concepts
  • Oral Class Presentations
  • Academic Integrity
  • How to Become and Independent Learner
  • French Proficiency Training
  • How to Study for International Trade

Review Sessions

Students attend review sessions to go over concepts and problem sets before economics midterms. OAS peer tutors host review sessions for principles of microeconomics and principles of macroeconomics. Undergraduate teaching assistants and specialists host the international trade and international finance review sessions.