Accelerated BSFS/Master's Degree

Accelerated degree programs allow exceptional SFS and SFS-Q students who are accepted to certain Georgetown graduate programs to complete both the undergraduate and graduate degree in as little as five years as opposed to the usual six years. This is accomplished by sharing up to a year of the coursework between the two degree programs. Hence, it is important to work closely with an academic advisor to make sure the course sequencing and graduate degree requirements needed to accomplish this are possible.
The SFS website contains a complete list of accelerated degree programs available to BSFS students.

SFS-Q students must meet with their SFS-Q academic advisors no later than September/October of their junior year to express an interest in pursuing one of these degree programs. Students should only move forward with an application if the advisor agrees that this is doable. Students should review the following basic requirements, and note that more detailed requirements are listed on each program’s website.

For all of the following programs, students must apply to the Graduate School by the stated deadline. 

Graduate School Application link:

Additional details on this program can be found on the main SFS website for accelerated degree programs:


BSFS/Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS)

BSFS/Security Studies Program (SSP)

Contact your SFS-Q academic advisor if interested in this program


 BSFS/Arab Studies (MAAS)


 BSFS/Master of Arts in German and European Studies (MAGES)

  • Proficiency in two European languages other than English is required.
  • Application deadline is January 15.
  • Usually four courses at most count for both BSFS and MAGES.
  • Contact Julia Sylla, Supervisor of Academic Programs, before applying.


 BSFS/Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (MALAS)

  • Application deadline is January 15.
  • Usually two to four courses at most count for both BSFS and MALAS.
  • Contact Julie Walsh McMurtry, Associate Director, before applying.


 BSFS/Russian, Eurasian and East European Studies Program (REES)

  • Application deadline is January 15
  • Usually six courses at most count for both BSFS and REES.
  • Students must be prepared to take courses or show proficiency in a language of the region.
  • Contact Associate Director, Benjamin Loring, before applying.


 BSFS/Master of Arts in Global, International and Comparative History (MAGIC)

  • Applicants must have completed two 300/400 level History colloquia by the time of application
  • GRE is required
  • Application deadline is January 1.
  • Contact Professor Bryan McCann before applying.

 If accepted to a graduate program, and you wish to pursue it via the accelerated degree option, SFS-Q will coordinate with the graduate program, the Graduate School’s academic affairs coordinator, and the Registrar to change your registration status to that of an accelerated degree student. You’ll then spend your senior year on main campus taking graduate-level courses as an SFS-Q student study abroad courses. You’re not eligible to pursue semester or academic year study abroad programs prior to your last year as a result. During your senior year, you’ll continue to pay SFS-Q tuition and officially be an SFS-Q student.
Once you complete your undergraduate degree at the end of the fourth year, you’ll become a graduate student on main campus for the fifth year of studies. Tuition, housing, and registration status will change accordingly upon conferral of the BSFS degree. At this point, you will work only with the graduate program advisor on course selection and to ensure you successfully complete all requirements for the Master’s degree.