QF Board Management Office Gains Capacity Development through Executive Program at GU-Q

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As part of their efforts to advance the mission of Qatar Foundation (QF) towards a sustainable future, 11 members of the QF Board Management Office (BMO) staff took part in a Board Development Training program held at QF partner Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) to gain further knowledge in the work of a boardroom.

The 3-day certificate course program was custom designed for the BMO by the McCourt School of Public Policy’s Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership (CPNL) at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, in collaboration with GU-Q.

The course included lectures, group conversations, and interactive skill building activities. The customized approach was designed to fit the diverse learning styles of BMO staff and offered participants a deep understanding of the role and responsibilities of nonprofit boards, effective tools and best practices in board governance, and practical experience in the methods and approaches used to manage board meeting activities and board member engagement.

Mr. Nasser Al Naemi, Secretary of the Board, QF Board Management Office, who attended the course, said: “The QF Board is committed to investing in the Board Management Office to more effectively support the critical work of the Foundation. Through the Board Development Training program custom designed by Georgetown University, a recognized leader in management and leadership education, we will be able to develop long term organizational capacity by bringing the knowledge and expertise from the training back into the boardroom.”

Participants also benefited from one-on-one coaching with course instructor Dr. Michela Perrone, a CPNL faculty member and the president of MMP Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in nonprofit board development. She works with hundreds of board members, organizations, and chief executives annually to support their development and increase their effectiveness.

As part of their mission in Qatar, GU-Q is committed to helping build the capacity of public and private sector entities and organizations through custom learning solutions delivered by scholars and expert practitioners like Dr. Perrone, explained Rodolph Boughaba, the Associate Dean for Executive Education at GU-Q.

“Extensive expertise among our own world class faculty and access to Georgetown University’s significant resources allows us to offer a wide range of transformative learning opportunities. GU-Q is proud to support the Board’s development and increase their effectiveness through this collaborative program with our Washington, DC, campus, an important investment in the board’s capacity and leadership with direct bearing on Qatar Foundation’s work.” To extend the benefits of the program beyond the classroom, added Boughaba, each participant received a manual with templates and tools that BMO staff can use to aid in their board management work.