Faculty Research

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GU-Q cultivates a community of scholars dedicated to the rigorous pursuit of knowledge on a range of topics with relevance in today’s dynamic world. Faculty specializations include migration and diaspora studies, global markets, international trade and development economics (on the micro- and macro-levels), political economy, comparative and international politics, elite and agrarian politics, media and politics, the history and historiography of social movements, colonialism and nationalism, diplomatic history and world history, Arabic, English and French languages, literatures and literary criticism, comparative world literature, ethics, distributive justice, bioethics, metaphysics, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist and Confucian theology, law, mysticism and institutions.

Professional areas of interest range the globe: from the U.S. to China; Vietnam to India and Pakistan: Ireland and the U.K., Spain and Russia to virtually all points within the Middle East and the Gulf.

As part of Education City’s vibrant campus, GU-Q is always looking for new ways of engaging with colleagues from other partner universities through substantive and innovative research that emerges out of the wide ranging expertise of faculty. Opportunities for research collaborations abound through current research interest groups such as the Indian Ocean Diaspora, Tracing Waqf, and Islamic Bioethics.