Transformations and Continuities in Islamic Intellectual Thought Conference

Transformations and Continuities in Islamic Intellectual Thought Conference

In March 2019, Georgetown University in Qatar is proud to host an international, multidisciplinary conference with the aim of bringing together scholars involved in research on Islamic Intellectual Thought between the 16th and 18th centuries. T

These Centuries are of particular interest as the Muslim world was ruled by three distinct empires: The Safavids, The Ottomans and The Mughals. Though increasing attention has been paid to this time period, this conference aims to highlight the intertextuality of the intellectual production under these various empires and relate it to a broader global history of ideas. The conference also aims to uncover the socio-political and institutional settings within which this thought developed and changed as a means to promote a methodological turn towards research that pays closer and more critical attention to the intellectual contexts of sources, and challenges narratives of rupture and decline.
Potential themes for panel and paper presentations include, but are not limited to:

- Social and Intellectual History

- Law and Politics

- Reason and Ethics

- Culture and Literature

Exceptional papers from the conference will be considered for publication.

For further questions, please send your emails to Hagar Rakha.