Conference Program


Sunday, March 17, 2019

9:00 am    Welcome and Registration

9:15 am    Keynote Address by Judith Pfeiffer, University of Bonn
The Order of Things in Constantinople: The Circulation of Knowledge at the Dawn of the Islamic Empires

10:15 am  Break

10:30 am  Panel 1: Political Thought
Moderator: Abdul Rahman Chamseddine, Georgetown University in Qatar    

Mayte Green-Mercado, Rutgers University
Ottoman Rome: The Idea of Universal Empire in Morisco Political Thought

Pratyay Nath, Ashoka University
The Wrath of God’: Military Violence and Imperial Ideology in the Mughal Empire

Huseyin Yilmaz, George Mason University
The Early Modern Ottoman Discourse on the Concept of Meşveret (Consultation in Government)

12:00 pm  Lunch

1:00 pm    Panel 2: Legal Interconnections
Moderator: Amira Sonbol, Georgetown University in Qatar

Rifa’at Abou-El-Haj, Binghamton University
Development of the Jury System in 16th Century Ottoman Jerusalem

Randi Deguilhem, Aix-Marseille University
Connectedness of Religious Jurisprudence and Court-Registered Contracts: Renting Waqf Property in 18th century Damascus       

Mahmood Kooria, Leiden University
In the Waves of Law: Transmission of Islamic Legal Ideas across the Indian Ocean World in the Sixteenth Century

2:30 pm   Break

2:45 pm   Panel 3: Law
Moderator: Sohaira Siddiqui, Georgetown University in Qatar

Talal al-Azem, University of Oxford
Ibn ʿĀbidīn on Reading the Madhhab

Sohaib Baig, University of California Los Angeles
The Hanafi Madhhab in the Early Modern Indian Ocean: Integrating Hadith Scholarship and Hanafi Law in the 16th Century

Asma Afsaruddin, Indiana University
Al-Shawkani and His Juridical Views on the Military Jihad with Regard to the People of the Book

4:30 pm  Panel 4: Literary Landscapes
Moderator: Ian Almond, Georgetown University in Qatar

Mufti Mudasir, University of Kashmir, India
The Politics of the Indian Style (Sabk-e Hindi): The Use of Literary Persian during the Mughal Decline

Abdul Hussainmiya, Southeastern University of Sri Lanka
Cultural and Literary Interactions among the Arab-Persian, Indian Ocean and Malay Muslims during the 16th to 18th centuries

5:30 pm  Closing

Monday, March 18, 2019

9:00 am   Panel 5: Scholars and Sultans
Moderator: Gabor Agoston, Georgetown University

Abdurrahman Atçıl, Istanbul Şehir University
Comparing Madrasa and University: Administration, Curriculum, and Certification in Madrasa Under the Control of the Ottoman Government

Nathan Spannaus, University of Jyvaskyla
‘The Execution of One Who Goes Against This Creed Becomes Necessary’: Contestation and Orthodoxy in Historical Context

Tom Papademetriou, Stockton University
The Intellectual Circle and Influence of Theophilos Korydalleus (1574-1646)

10:30 am  Break

10:45 am  Panel 6: Intellectual Thought
Moderator: Reza Pirbhai, Georgetown University in Qatar

Lejla Demiri, University of Tübingen
Reading Andalusian Poetry in 17th-century Ottoman Damascus

Sajjad Rizvi, University of Exeter
Contesting Avicenna in Early Modern Iran and India

Charles Ramsey, Baylor University
The Substance of Things Unseen: Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindī, Ṣadr al-Dīn al-Shirazī,and the State of Natural Philosophy in 17th Century Persianate Islam

12:15 pm  Lunch

1:15 pm   Panel 7: Textual Interconnections
Amira El-Zein, Georgetown University in Qatar

Nur Sobers-Khan, The British Library
Tilsim-i Aja’iband Ta’bir al-Ruya: The Relationship Between Visuality and Text in Bibliomantic Practices in Urdu Divination Manuscripts          

Asli Niyazioglu, University of Oxford
Ottoman Literary Landscapes and Connected Early Modern: Sixteenth-Century Garden Stories

John Perry, University of Chicago
Lexicography as Enabler of Islamic Intellectual Dialogue

3:00 pm  Closing Remarks