Indian Ocean Studies Courses

The Indian Ocean Studies minor engages students in dialogue and research about the exciting new field of Indian Ocean studies, introducing a fresh approach to thinking in trans-regional terms about key social and political questions of identity, belonging, hybridity, and globalization today. ​Given the interdisciplinary nature of the Indian Ocean Studies, students must demonstrate both depth and breadth of knowledge in the field through the fulfillment of the following requirements:

  • An introductory course, CULP 227: Introduction to the Indian Ocean World
  • Three courses to build regional expertise in African Studies or Asian Studies
  • Two electives on transregional connections in the Indian Ocean

Courses on Indian Ocean Studies

Intro to Indian Ocean World

Indian Ocean Ethnography

Genocide / Revolution in Postcolonial Zanzibar

A map of the Indian Ocean on the globe

Circulation and Sovereignty in the Indian Ocean

Islamic scripture with a paint brush lying next to it

Literature of the Indian Ocean World

Sand hills of a desert in the Persian Gulf

Film & Visual Culture: the Gulf

Other courses related to the Indian Ocean studies minor

Asian Studies Track:

History of China I | History of China II | South Asia I | Modern South Asia | British Colonialism in South Asia | Gulf Societies | Social Issues in Gulf Arab Literature | Arabic Gulf Literature | South Asian Literature | The Politics of Development in South Asia | Gulf Politics | Asian Politics: Culture, Power, History | Politics and Society in Modern South Asia | Political Economy of the Gulf | Economies of East Asia

African Studies Track:

Africa I | Africa II | African Politico-Economics | African Women’s History | War and Peace in Darfur | Justice in Africa and Diaspora | Horn of Africa: Culture and Politics | Gender Politics in African Culture

Transregional Courses:

Islamic Law and Institutions | Islamic Mystical Traditions | Islam, Culture and Bioethics | Reform in Modern Islamic Thought | Religious Identity and Pluralism | Small States Security | The Islamic World | Identity and globalization in Contemporary Arabic Writing | Post-Colonialism and it’s Discontents | Islamic Law and Coloniality