Faculty Research Funding

Faculty members at GU-Q are engaged in a number of funded research projects, studying topics of important to Qatar’s national interests or issues of international importance. GU-Q Research is funded through both internal funding sources, international sources, and receives funds from the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF).

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Internal Funding Sources

GU-Q Faculty Research Grant (FRG)

Full-time faculty members with appointments to teach at Georgetown University in Qatar for either a semester or a full-year may apply to receive an internal grant to support their research. The faculty research grant is available for topics in all areas of the social sciences and humanities. You can find more information about the FRG process here and the application form here

Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS)

CIRS is a premier research institute devoted to the academic study of regional and international issues through dialogue and exchange of ideas, research, and scholarship. CIRS also engages with national and international scholars, opinion makers, practitioners, and activists to produce and publish research and reports. The institute awards research grants for empirically-based, original research on Gulf-related issues and the broader Middle East to selected faculty. Opportunities also include the annual GU-Q Faculty Fellowship, and Faculty Workshops, which CIRS can support up to one per academic semester.

The details of these opportunities can be viewed at cirs.georgetown.edu/research.

External Funding Sources

International Collaborative Research Grants

International Collaborative Grants are awarded by the Main Campus faculty committee to the Main Campus faculty members for international initiatives to support research or teaching collaboration with partners from around the world. GU-Q faculty are eligible to apply for this grant in collaboration with Main Campus faculty. The primary purpose of the grants is to support travel and meeting expenses in order to enable joint research and/or teaching activities with foreign partners, including workshops, seminars, and planning meetings designed to prepare for larger, follow-on grant proposals.

Qatar National Research Fund Grants (QNRF)

The QNRF is the main national research funding body in Qatar. QNRF provides grants that build human capital in Qatar, benefit the nation, region and the world, and raise Qatar’s profile within the international research community. Grants for faculty are provided through several funding programs, including the National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) and the Conference and Workshop Sponsorship Program (CWSP), and the Junior Scientists Research Experience Program (JSREP). Further details can be viewed on the QNRF website at www.qnrf.org.

International Funding Sources

Faculty are encouraged to seek funding from outside funding bodies. In the past, faculty members have received funding in the form of fellowships and grants from Harvard University, Princeton University, Dartmouth College, the University of Texas at Austin, the U.K.’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), and the Private Enterprise Development for Low Income Countries (PEDL) Initiative at the U.K.’s Centre for Economic Policy Research, among others.


Pivot combines the most comprehensive, editorially maintained database of funding opportunities with a database of pre-populated scholar profiles. Its proprietary algorithm compiles pre-populated researcher profiles unique to AU and matches them to current funding opportunities in the COS database. This allows users to search for a funding opportunity and instantly view matching faculty from inside or outside the University. Conversely, a search for a scholar will link to matching funding opportunities.

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