Faculty Seminars

The GU-Q Faculty Seminars is a regular series in which GU-Q faculty and guests present research in progress and receive feedback from other faculty members. A meeting is held every week or two during the spring and fall semesters for a high-level discussion of original research. It usually begins with lunch or refreshments, followed by the speaker’s presentation and the questions and comments from the audience. External speakers are then usually taken out for dinner by several of the faculty. The central goal is to further our faculty’s research by give them the opportunities both to present their ideas and to learn from each other’s ideas. It also keeps our faculty connected with their colleagues at other universities around the region and around the world by bringing in outside speakers and creating a forum to interact with them as colleagues. It has the ancillary goal of increasing GU-Q’s academic reputation by bringing in outside faculty who will find GU-Q to be a place with knowledgeable faculty who treat them well.