Faculty Research Policies

Faculty Publications

Faculty Research Policies

Faculty Framework

See structure and arrangements for SFS faculty appointments at GU-Q. This structure does not apply to full time non-tenure line instructional and research faculty, and may be adopted in whole or in part for other faculty appointments at GU-Q.

Research Semesters

Junior Faculty Research Semester

Research leave for assistant professors holding junior core faculty status in 3rd or 4th year.

SFS-Q Faculty Research Semester

Research leave for those with senior core faculty status after accumulation of 12 semesters of credit, or earlier for partial leave.

Research Funding

Faculty Conference Travel Funds

Travel to disseminate faculty research outcomes at conferences and professional meetings.

Faculty Research Grants

If available, Faculty Research Grants (FRG) support specific research activities including travel expenses.

Other Policies

Hiring Research Assistants

How to hire undergraduates from GU-Q, other universities, or other qualified research assistants.

Scholar / Practitioner in Residence

How to apply to invite a PhD scholar or practitioner holding a key postion to conduct research at GU-Q.