Communications & External Engagement

Our Offering

To learn about what services are offered and how long will a project typically take to be completed please click the Office of Communications Services and Project Timelines link.

Our Vision

Our vision is that Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) is the name that comes to mind when thinking about:

  • Undergraduate or graduate education.
  • Intelligent and thoughtful graduates to hire.
  • Training and lifelong learning to support self-improvement and organizational development.


Our mission is to help Georgetown University in Qatar in promoting intellectual, ethical and spiritual understanding through serious and sustained discussion among people of various faiths, cultures and beliefs.  We support the campus mission of providing education, research and service opportunities for students, faculty, staff and the community with a holistic mind, body and spirit approach that helps us all become better global citizens.

We are responsible for:

  • Managing the overall global brand presence of Georgetown’s Qatar campus and the broader Georgetown University brand in Asia and Middle East North Africa (MENA)
  • Delivering strategic guidance and consultancy on matters of public or organizational importance
  • Raising the top of mind awareness and the public profile of Georgetown University in general and Georgetown University in Qatar in particular.
  • Planning for future growth opportunities in collaboration with other university departments
  • Collaborating with all employees and students in communicating strategic messages and helping them with communications related concerns

How do we do it?

Our positive thinking team members assist various university departments and centers with creating a better public, community, media and audience-based understanding and awareness of their work and achievements through various channels and mediums of public engagement. The communications management team also provide advisory and consultancy services to assist all employees, students and faculty members on community engagement, visual identity management, branding, collateral development, public perception management and social media interaction.

Examples of projects we manage: Media Coverage Designed Products

  • Admissions and event related advertising and media stories
  • Publications and brochure development for departments, programs, centers and causes
  • Print and electronic student recruitment campaigns
  • Brand development and ongoing logomark treatment, application and management
  • Relationship management on behalf of the university for visitors, guests and those interested in Georgetown
  • Design and print production services
  • Editorial and translation services
  • Marketing and communications planning for conferences, events and workshops
  • Web and social media communication

Basics from the Writing Style Guide

How to write the class year for the alumni and graduates:

The  Georgetown University style guide establishes the convention for GUSY, or “Georgetown University school and year”. For the Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS) degree at GU-Q, this would be John Smith (SFS’xx), with no space between the apostrophe and the last two digits of the graduating year. In the Office of Communications, we reserve this convention for use in official documentation convocation and commencement collateral such as formal programs and invitations. For the general public and mass media consumption, we use John Smith (GU-Q’xx), to avoid confusion, as well as to reflect the broader institutional mandate of the Qatar campus to include teaching and learning beyond the School of Foreign Service offered BSFS degree.

Communications Customer Service Survey

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