Photography and Videography Policy

Image of cameras
  1. For each and every event, when photography/videography is requested, the name and the phone number of the photographer/videographer will be sent to the Events team and the team hosting the event
  2. The photographer/videographer shall have a Georgetown badge at the event at all times while on premise
  3. The photographers are requested to minimize the number of shots and thus the usage of the camera flash to avoid disturbing or distracting the audience
  4. The photographer is asked to take 4-5 good shots of the speaker after he/she comes up on the stage and will cease until the next speaker is up
  5. Any shots for the audience should be taken before the start of the event

If you encounter any photography/videography related issue at a certain event, please don’t hesitate to email us here your complains and suggestions.

Thank you

Office of Communications