Guidelines for the Faculty Research Grants

The following is an important list of general terms and guidelines for the expenditure of funds on the FRG:

Before making any purchases or hiring GU-Q students, consult with the Office of Finance and Research Compliance at about the process for reimbursement of expenses, purchase of supplies, making travel arrangements, including the hiring of student research assistants. Hiring External Contractors

Activities that requires the hiring of a consultant (for example, an editor or an external research assistant) or a vendor (such as a publisher or a survey research firm) must be governed by a contract approved by the university before any work begins.  Please contact as soon as possible to arrange for an approved contract based on your needs and university policy. Under no circumstances should a promise of payment be made or work be conducted prior to having an approved contract in place.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The Qatar Ministry of Public Health and Georgetown University policies require that an Institutional Review Board (IRB) vet all research involving human subjects. If your research involves human subjects, expending funds under FRG is only possible if IRB approval is complete and documented, before human subject research begins. Please consult with the IRB office at as son as possible to discuss the process for securing IRB approval. For more information, please visit: Institutional Review Board.