Booking Group Travel

To initiate group travel request:

  • Complete the online ‘Travel Authorization Form (TAF)’, on submission you will receive a ‘Travel Authorization Request’ in your email. Forward this email to your unit head for approval.
  • Unit heads should review the request and ‘forward’ the email request with their approval to This has been designed to eliminate paper approval and provide supervisors the flexibility to approve while away from the office.

If you wish to avail of personal travel or hospitality services please contact Rizlan Lantra who will either direct you to the Leisure Travel Consultant at dnata Travels or assist you directly.

Dnata Travel: Agent assisted bookings

Georgetown University’s contracted travel agency is Dnata Travel. Dnata Travel manages the University’s complex international trips, VIP reservations, and group reservations. They are here to help you with managing your domestic and/or international faculty led programs, hotel and travel arrangements for organizing a seminar or conference that your department is hosting on campus, or to arrange complicated VIP travel for guests or eligible faculty and staff.

Dnata Travel is able to bill directly to Georgetown cost centers for group reservations, air travel and they can pre-pay for some local/international hotels, reducing reimbursement paperwork.

While they are able to pre-pay for most travel related services. Our travel agents can book the hotel room or reserve the car, however the traveler has to either pay with a T&E enabled procurement card or using a personal credit card at the time of hotel check-out or returning the vehicle as some hotels need the physical card to swipe.

Dnata’s Travel Management is the University’s contracted travel management company. If you need an agent to help you with your reservation, or you have a complicated trip, you may contact Dnata’s dedicated agent at +974-4457-8350 during regular business hours of 8am-5pm Sun-Thurs., or you may email them at

Please note: there is a fee for agent-assisted bookings per transaction.

  • Middle East Countries: $27.40
  • US: $73.97
  • Europe: $49.32
  • Asia: $36.99

Dnata Travel’s on-site travel agents can be reached by e-mail at or by calling +974-4457-8350, office is located at 1D69, Office of Finance, GU Building.