جورجتاون قطر توفر سبل النجاح الجامعي لطلبة المرحلة الثانوية عبر

Creating Impact

Our wide reaching impact has helped to drive Qatar's knowledge economy through providing a platform for powerful research and community dialogue, and the development of service-oriented leaders, lifelong learners, and skilled organizers committed to the development of their community and nation.

Lifelong Learners

Our commitment to fostering lifelong learning starts with programs for local high school students, is taught in our undergraduate degree programs, and our network of faculty expertise is also leveraged to develop a range of community courses, professional development offerings, and Master’s degree programs. With hundreds in our alumni network, we are helping Qatar meet its national development goals one community member at a time.

Video of Georgetown Qatar Model United Nations 2013
Info for Counselors
GU-Q Executive Education: Modern Protocol and Business Etiquette

A Hub for Knowledge Creation and Dissemination

With more than 130 books published and thousands of peer reviewed journal articles, GU-Q faculty and researchers are contributing to developing Qatar into a regional knowledge hub.

Faculty and Researcher Specializations

Faculty and researchers affiliated with GU-Q have published books which advance knowledge across the human experience.

Our faculty specialize in a range of topics across the humanities and social sciences.

Service to the Community

We are a community dedicated in service to humanity. Whether it is raising awareness about issues requiring community support to solve, or providing avenues for our community members to join together to make a difference where they live and work, we have had a positive impact on migrant worker welfare, health , safety, and education, environmental sustainability, social justice, and development of community dialogues. 

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Where our graduates work