Facilities Management

To support the Georgetown University Qatar mission and goals by providing efficient, effective facilities services that promote a safe, secure and quality environment for the entirety of the Georgetown University Qatar community


Student Access to the Building
Students are able to attend in-person/hybrid classes and to pre-book times to visit the GU-Q building for meetings, library visits, or other necessary appointments. Due to government regulations, only a limited number of students are allowed in the building at a time. Therefore an access system has been created to accommodate two kinds of needs:

1) “Semester passes” have been provided to students who indicated that they wish to attend in-person/hybrid classes. These passes were created based on student lists received from the faculty teaching those courses, and sent to students via email. If you think you should have a semester pass and have not received it please contact us on guqevents@georgetown.edu
2) Students who wish to visit the building for other purposes can reserve a half day building access pass using an online booking system. An email explaining the needed steps was sent to students last week. Booking for each date and time opens 48hrs in advance.

In case of any questions, please contact guqevents@georgetown.edu.

Who is your FM Ambassador?

An FM Ambassador works with a particular department to better communicate between Facilities Management and the department. Every department has a designated ambassador.

Dean’s Suite – Clare Wait

Exec Prog/Outreach – Thameena Husain

Communications – Heidi Melkas

Student Affairs including Wellness – Zaubash Shakir

Admissions – Danielle Habana

Students – May Lachin

Academic Affairs & Library– Amanda Look

OAS – Clare Wait

Faculty – Samantha Kibue

HR – Hussein Aldobashi

Finance – Tuskheer Abid

CIRS – Thameena Husain

HBKU – Roel Serrano

Everyday Services

GU-Q building

Event Management

The Events Team offers one-stop shop service to help you plan and execute your event. Once you place an event request, we will coordinate with Building Operations, AV, Procurement, Communications, Transportation, and QF on your behalf to ensure a hassle-free process for you.