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Explore our many academic and scholarly initiatives and discover how they are helping to shape the intellectual landscape of the Middle East and the world beyond.

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We are a diverse community of scholars dedicated to world-class research, teaching, and service. Our faculty research is recognized both regionally and globally, with a broad scope of original scholarship and publications, and significant contributions to international dialogues and policy development.

Our faculty are engaged in leading-edge interdisciplinary research projects that are contributing to the development of Qatar and the Middle East region. Discover how our faculty are uniquely positioned to shape international affairs in the century ahead.

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Faculty Research

Our culture of scholarly inquiry and exploration supports the research of a globally recognized faculty and the emerging scholarship of our students. Explore our current research initiatives and discover ways you can engage with our diverse and thriving research community.

Center for International and Regional Studies

Roundtable on Iran-GCC Dialogue

The Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS) is a premier research institute which sponsors major studies of emerging socio-economic and political trends in the Gulf region and funds research initiatives in the areas of international relations, political economy, and domestic politics.

Faculty Publications

Across GU-Q, faculty, students, and staff are researching issues in international affairs, history, Islamic studies, media and politics, security studies, and more. Outcomes include books, translations, peer reviewed journal articles, policy papers, and conference proceedings that are contributing both to the international body of knowledge and to Qatar as a global knowledge hub.

CIRS Publications

Throughout the academic year, the CIRS publishes in-depth examinations of ideas and issues of contemporary academic and political significance. The CIRS Publications Series includes books, journal special issues, Arabic and English summary reports, occasional papers, undergraduate research papers, policy briefs, along with annual reports and newsletters.

Student Research

With unparalleled access to research opportunities in the social sciences and humanities, our students are encouraged to conduct research on topics of interest to them, their academic community, and beyond. GU-Q students regularly contribute to original research with the support and mentorship of faculty as they learn to challenge and enrich the world at a regional and global level.

Student Research

Recent Publications

Latest Research News

Georgetown Scholar at QF Co-edits New Book on Citizenship in the Middle East


Georgetown Scholar at QF Co-edits New Book on Citizenship in the Middle East

The Arab Spring uprisings of a decade ago were rooted in demands for dignity and economic opportunity, complex notions tied to the relationship between citizens and the state. A new book titled the Routledge Handbook of Citizenship in the Middle East and North Africa (Routledge 2021) co-edited and co-written by QF partner Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) researcher Zahra Babar highlights how various conceptions of citizenship played critical roles in these events as well as other contemporary issues in the region, knowledge which makes an important contribution to an understudied field.
Sports Scholars Host Global Discussion on the Politics of the Tokyo Olympics


Sports Scholars Host Global Discussion on the Politics of the Tokyo Olympics

Only days before the start of the summer Olympic games in Japan, Visiting Associate Professor at GU-Q Dr. Danyel Reiche hosted a webinar on “The Politics of the Tokyo Olympics”, presented by The Political Studies Association (PSA) Sport and Politics Working Group. Dr. Reiche,  who heads GU-Q’s Building a Legacy: Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 research  initiative at GU-Q’s Center for International and Regional Studies (CIRS), is also the chair of the PSA working group.