A Semester Abroad at Georgetown’s Washington, DC Campus


Embarking on a semester abroad earlier this year was a revelatory experience for International Politics major Abdul Hannan (SFS’25). He spent the semester in Washington, DC, attending classes at Georgetown University and visiting museums and monuments.

He took two Economics and two International Politics classes during his study abroad. “I loved how most of my professors were practitioners in their field; they provided real insights into what it’s like to work in various government departments like the foreign service.”

Beyond academics, his extracurricular activities added a rich layer to his experience. “I joined the Georgetown Boxing Club, training three times a week. There was a lot of sweat, laughter, and long conversations covering everything from fitness to philosophy,” he recalled. “I also took up squash, which was fun and a great way to stay active.”

As a Team Lead in a Consulting Club on campus, he worked with a local spin cycle studio on website development, market research, and crafting a marketing strategy. “This hands-on learning was incredibly rewarding,” he said.

The transition from Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) to the DC campus was smoother than expected. Despite the larger, more bustling environment, his group of 18 GU-Q students studying in DC frequently gathered, ensuring the community spirit stayed alive. “Sharing meals and exploring the city together cemented lasting bonds,” he said.

Although he enjoyed his time abroad, Abdul Hanan was happy to come back home. “I missed the close-knit environment of the GU-Q community, where social interactions happen more naturally,” he said.

His time abroad inspired him to paint a mural of the GU-Q building in the student lounge, referencing a similar mural he saw in the DC campus library depicting the iconic Healey Hall building. “My semester in DC broadened my horizons and deepened my appreciation for my studies, for art, and for the unique GU-Q community,” he concluded. “I think this mural reflects both the journey and the homecoming.”