GU-Q Publications

We produce a number of print and digital publications that highlight the richness of the university’s
activities in Qatar and outline the latest research-related publications, conferences, and research

  • 200 journal articles published
  • 30 journals edited

Books by GU-Q Faculty and Staff

Since 2005, our faculty and staff have published an impressive number of books. The first 100 books were documented in a celebratory publication in 2019 [link], but we continue to add to this count.
These books demonstrate how we have helped Qatar develop a knowledge-based economy and offer a snapshot of cutting-edge research that covers topics of regional and global concern, such as intelligence and national security, how to overcome poverty, Islam and the West, and the representation of women. This research has been published by a number of prestigious publishers, such as Hurst, Routledge, and Sage and the university presses of Cambridge, Oxford, Columbia, and Cornell.

Journals Edited by Faculty

Our faculty edit a variety of journals and journal special issues including those below.

Basic Income Journal Image

Basic Income Studies

Basic Income Studies is an interdisciplinary journal published twice a year by De Gruyter. It focuses on scholarly research on the viability of universal basic income theory. Karl Widerquist is Senior Consultant Editor.

Contention Journal Covers


Contention is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal dedicated to research on different forms of social protest. Uday Chandra is the Associate Editor.

Hawwa Journal Cover Image


HAWWA: Journal of Women in the Middle East and the Islamic World is an interdisciplinary journal focused on gender issues in the Middle East and the Islamic World. Published by Brill, with Rogaia Abusharaf and Amira Sonbol as Co-Editors-in-Chief.

Journal of Arabian Studies Cover Image

Journal of Arabian Studies

Journal of Arabian Studies (JAS) is the leading scholarly journal covering the Arabian peninsula, its surrounding waters, and international connections. Gerd Nonneman is the editor of this journal published twice a year by Taylor & Francis in association with GU-Q.

Religions Journal Cover Images

Religions – Adyan Journal

Religions-Adyan Journal is a bilingual journal published by the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue (DICID). Patrick Laude is Editor-in-Chief.

Faculty Annual Report

GU-Q’s faculty annual report provides highlights of the academic year, from the achievements,
activities, and publications of our world-class faculty to new curriculum initiatives and student
mentorship opportunities. In addition to this publication, we also report on research activities
in the Institutional Annual Report and the CIRS Annual Report.