A New Day : Essays on World Christianity in Honor of Lamin Sanneh


A collection “A New Day: Essays on World Christianity in Honor of Lamin Sanneh” honoring Lamin Sanneh, one of the most adamant advocates and apostles of the radical change in the face of Christianity in the twenty-first century, these essays are written by recognized scholars and deal with issues, themes, and perspectives that are important for understanding Christianity as a world religious movement. The unprecedented resurgence, renewal, and rebirth of twenty-first century Christianity in postcolonial societies, such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America, calls for new insights, methodologies, and paradigms since the West can no longer be regarded as the sole citadel and cradle of the Christian faith. The Christian message has been reshaped and re-appropriated in different contexts and cultures and, through this cross-cultural transmission and transformation, it has become a world religion. Contextualizing the Christian faith also entails decolonizing its theology, precepts, and dogma. These efforts continue to engender new initiatives and efforts in the intercultural, interconfessional, intercontinental, and interreligious dimensions of world Christianity.

Akintunde E. Akinade