Al Mû`assasah Al-Arabîyyah lil Dirasaat wa l-Nashr. [Creativity and the Sacred]


The book, which is written in Arabic, relies on a variety of texts from different disciplines ranging from philosophy, poetry, and art to cosmology and physics, but it remains absorbed in Islamic mysticism, namely the work of Ibn Arabi, the great Sufi philosopher. Professor Amira El-Zein focuses particularly on his concept of creativity, which he describes as generating an incomparable vision, transmitted the moment it comes into mind. In the book, she analyzes his elaborate Sufi language as he captures creativity from psychological, metaphysical and spiritual perspectives.

The book is a culmination of Professor El Zein’s previous research work in the domain of the sacred in poetry, folklore, and the novel, as well as her examination of spiritual entities, such as jinn in medieval Islam

Amira El Zein