Basic Income : an Anthology of Contemporary Research


In one form or another, the concept of a modest Basic Income unconditionally granted to all individuals has been a topic of discussion for more than two centuries. But it is only in the last 50 or 60 years that Basic Income has developed into a major focus of academic research. Basic Income: An Anthology of Contemporary Research is the first major compilation of Basic Income literature. Covering six decades of the most influential empirical research and theoretical arguments relating to all aspects of the Basic Income proposal, this book covers such diverse issues as the philosophical justification of Basic Income; its economic and political feasibility; its impact on freedom, social justice, economic activity, and psychological wellbeing; and many others. This timely and authoritative text is an invaluable compendium of the current research shaping our understanding of a topic that is growing in importance and attracting increasing attention throughout the world.

Karl Widerquist, José A. Noguera, Yannick Vanderborght, Jurgen De Wispelaere