Ethics, Practical Reasoning, Agency

Wilfrid Sellars’s Practical Philosophy

Ethics, Practical Reasoning, Agency2

This is the first volume devoted exclusively to the practical philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars. It features original essays by leading Sellars scholars that examine his ethical theory, his theory of practical reasoning, and his theory of intentional agency.

While most scholarship on Sellars’s philosophy has focused on his epistemology, metaphysics, or philosophy of language and mind, Sellars himself regarded his practical philosophy as central to his overall project of situating rational beings within the natural order. The chapters in this volume address this neglected area of Sellars’s philosophy. The chapters are divided into thematic sections covering Sellars’s theory of we-intentions – influential in contemporary debates on collective intentionality – naturalism and the manifest image, and the moral point of view. Together, they demonstrate how Sellars’s practical philosophy contributes to important debates in contemporary philosophy regarding, for example, expressivist approaches to moral thought and group agency in the collective intentionality literature.

Ethics, Practical Reasoning, Agency: Wilfrid Sellars’s Practical Philosophy will appeal to scholars and advanced students interested in Wilfrid Sellars, American philosophy, and ethics.

Jeremy Koons, and Ronald Loeffler, eds.