From the Divine to the Human : Survey of Metaphysics and Epistemology ; a New Translation with Selected Letters


In this synthesis of his whole message, Frithjof Schuon invites us to explore our relationship with the Divine. Covering topics as diverse as our sense of the sacred, the conditions of our existence, and the question of accepting or refusing God’s message, Schuon paves the way for a true spiritual engagement. This revised edition, fully retranslated from the original French, contains an appendix of previously unpublished writings, as well as editor’s notes and a glossary. The diverse subjects covered by these essays include a discussion on the symbolism of the human body, an outline of spiritual anthropology as well as a chapter on the structure and universality of the conditions of existence. Underlying this diversity of topics, is a perspective that combines mathematical rigor with a kind of musical profundity. The entry of the Absolute into the world of time and space gives birth to the traditional worlds, the great Revelations that manifest in so many ways both Divine Unity and human immortality.

Frithjof Schuon, Patrick Laude (Ed.)