Gateways to the World: Port Cities in the Persian Gulf


The Persian Gulf region has become home to some of the world’s fastest growing, most impressive cities, many of them with global aspirations. Gateways to the World presents an in-depth, systematic, and multi-disciplinary approach to the study of these cities. It begins with a broader look at how the emergence and significance of cities along the Persian Gulf waterway should be contextualized. It then moves to historical examinations of the emergence of national borders and boundaries, how they became ‘port cities’ of various kinds, what are the semantics of studying them, and what the glittering skylines and cityscapes and their remaining traditional neighborhoods mean for the international political economy and for the identity of their residents. Alongside such aspiring global cities as Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai there are port cities that appear to have their best days behind them, and others that have largely retained their traditional fabrics. This book “Gateways to the World: Port Cities in the Persian Gulf” presents a comprehensive study of the nature and variety, the importance, and the domestic and international consequences of port cities along the Persian Gulf.

Mehran Kamrava