Kalaam Gamiil: An Intensive Course in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic


Kalaam Gamiil Volume 2 further develops learners’ skills in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, along parallel tracks of vocabulary and grammar. It is designed to enable students to communicate effectively with native speakers in a wider range of social situations, with a higher degree of accuracy and fluency. It aims to expand the learners’ vocabulary and idiomatic expressions, increasing their command of grammar, as well as instilling a measure of cross-cultural understanding. Structured around more sophisticated topics that go beyond daily life conversations, it covers social and cultural issues and concepts with situational dialogues, a vocabulary list, preparatory sentences using vocabulary items and grammatical structures, explanations of the grammar in English, relevant cultural information, and a variety of mechanical drills and communicative exercises. As volume two of a two-part series, the books focus is on the speaking and listening skills that will enable high intermediate to advanced students to handle a variety of more complicated communicative tasks successfully.

Abbas Al-Tonsi