Locating the Shari’a

Legal Fluidity in Theory, History, and Practice


The study of the sharīʿa has enjoyed a renaissance in the last two decades and it will continue to attract interdisciplinary attention given the ongoing social, political and religious developments throughout the Muslim world. With such a variety of debates, and a corresponding multitude of theoretical methods, students and non-scholars are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the field. Even experts will often need to consult multiple sources to understand these new voices and provide accessible answers to specialist and non-specialist audiences alike. Edited by Sohaira Siddiqui, Locating the Shari’a (Brill 2019) is part of the Studies in Islamic Law and Society series. It is intended for both the novice and expert as a companion to understanding the evolution of the field of Islamic law, the current work that is shaping this field, and the new directions the sharīʿa will take in the twenty-first/fifteenth century.  

Brill, 2019 

This book was translated into Arabic in 2023 by Ahmed Al-Adawi and published by Nohoudh Center For Studies and Research as  Jurisprudential Flexibility and the Status of Sharia in Theory, Practice and History [Al-Marunat Al-Fiqhhiat wa Manzilat Al-Sharia fi Al Nazariat Wal Mumarsat Wal Taarikh المرونة الفقهية ومنزلة الشريعة في النظرية والممارسة والتاريخ].

Sohaira Zahid Siddiqui, ed.