Insights from the Risale-i Nur /Risale-i Nur’dan Düsünceler

Said Nursi's Advice for Modern Believers


Said Nursi (1878-1960) is the most influential figure in twentieth century Muslim scholarship and the author of the Risale-i Nur, a 6000 page commentary on the Holy Qur’an. This collection of essays written by Thomas Michel offers an insightful and comparative analysis into the life, thoughts and major writings of Nursi. The opening chapter provides an overview of Nursi’s life and the author’s first encounter with the Risale-i Nur, followed by an outline of Nursi’s views on Muslim relations with Christians and the possibility of dialogue and unity with the true followers of Christ. Michel also notes that Nursi called for unity and cooperation between the Muslim-Christian communities fifty years before the Vatican II called upon Christians and Muslims to recognize that they should move beyond past conflicts and work together for the common good, building peace, establishing social justice, defend moral values, and promote true human freedom. Themes in the book include modern civilization, war and peace, justice, human responsibility, sincerity and dialogue. Michel provides an invaluable and contemporary analysis of democracy and societal values, and the current state of societies. This text provides insight into a deep conversation between a Catholic priest and a Muslim scholar.

Tughra Books, 2013

This book was translated into Turkish in 2015 and published as Michel, Thomas. Risale-i Nur’dan Düsünceler. Istanbul: Nesil, 2015.

Thomas Mitchel, Fr.