Diplomat for a Day Program Empowers Women in Diplomacy and International Affairs


In celebration of International Women’s Day, women leaders representing nine embassies and international organizations in Qatar convened for the fifth consecutive year to host the Diplomat for a Day (DFAD) program.  This initiative paired twenty young women from Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) with senior women diplomats and officials to gain first-hand insight into the realm of diplomacy and international affairs.

U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission Natalie Baker praised the program, saying: “The Diplomat for a Day program is a fantastic initiative highlighting the critical role of women in promoting peace and security. It gives me hope for the future to see such talented and driven individuals, including numerous Qatari women, who will undoubtedly make a significant impact in their chosen fields and in advancing Qatar’s National Development Strategy and National Vision 2030.”

U.S. Embassy Doha hosted a tea reception March 7, providing a platform for students to network and interact with women leaders from around Qatar. Attendees included participating GU-Q students and women diplomats from nine embassies and international organizations, Qatari partners, and prominent figures from the Qatari media, education, business, and cultural sectors.

Reflecting on her experience shadowing DCM Baker and meeting diplomats from across U.S. Embassy Doha, fourth-year GU-Q student Moza Al-Kaabi said: “My options post-graduation were wide, but now they are even wider after seeing how influential the women in the field are.  I don’t have to have everything figured out right now ̶  I have time to join the Foreign Service.  The possibilities are even bigger than what I imagined.”

Ambassador of Canada Isabelle Martin, who served as the official 2024 DFAD program coordinator on behalf of all participating missions, observed:

“Diplomat for a Day is an opportunity to demonstrate the power of investing in women. From education to diplomacy to entrepreneurship, supporting women benefits everyone! Gender equality builds healthier, more prosperous, and more inclusive communities.”