Palestine Speaker Series

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Reading in Time: On the Question of Palestine.

Reflecting on a series of photographs and documents from family papers from the injured and resilient Palestinian story, this piece reflects on the reading and writing of history, the connections between the personal and the historical, and the entangled links between the past and the lived present. Exploring the multiple registers of reading, from the mundane to the extraordinary, reveals a temporal spectrum that encompasses uprisings, initiatives, movements, and catastrophes. Through four captions on a photograph, a love letter, a passport, and a death certificate, it explores practices of reading as commitments to, adventures in, and vehicles for time.

About the speaker: Sherene Seikaly is Associate Professor of History at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her book Men of Capital: Scarcity and Economy in Mandate Palestine (Stanford University Press, 2016) explores economy, territory, the home, and the body. Her forthcoming book, From Baltimore to Beirut: On the Question of Palestine tells a global history of capital, slavery, and dispossession. She is co-editor of Journal of Palestine Studies and Jadaliyya.

Location of the event: Room 1A12, Georgetown University in Qatar (First Floor).