The Foundations of International Thought: The Rise and Decline of a Liberal International Order

Image of a map with the different continents of the world and pins showing their inter-relation

You are cordially invited to attend an inaugural lecture that will explain how the content, geography, and legal nature of post-World War II international regimes have reflected the structure of power in the international system. It will also discuss why the contemporary multipolar structure makes it more difficult for multilateral regimes to function effectively.

While it will not be possible to halt the decline of the Liberal International Order, the lecture will argue that the United States and like-minded countries could adopt policies that would decelerate the decline and reconstitute a largely liberal plurilateral order over much of the world.

Edward J. Kolla
Associate Professor of History and Faculty Chairperson
Georgetown University in Qatar

Dr. Richard H. Steinberg
Professor of Law
Jonathan D. Varat Endowed Chair in Law Professor of Political Science
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Visiting Professor of Law
College of Law, HBKU

This event will be in the Faculty Conference Room 1D02 on the first Floor, Georgetown University in Qatar.