The World Cup 2022 Lecture Series

Image of Speaker Matthias Krug

Qatar´s Football Journey:
From First Games on Sand to Hosting the World as Asian Champions

About the speaker
Matthias Krug is an author and journalist who was born and raised in Qatar, where he lives with his family. Matthias has written extensively about football, society, politics and culture for over 18 years for some of the biggest publications around the world, including for the BBC, CNN, ESPN, The Huffington Post, The Irish Examiner, Al Jazeera English, 442, El Pais, Arts Monthly Australia, and many others. His most recent book is titled Journeys on a Football Carpet, published by HBKU Press in Qatar, won awards at the International Book Awards and Living Now Awards. His creative short stories have been published in literary magazines across numerous countries.
For more on his work follow Matthias on Twitter: @Matthias_Krug

About the talk
Qatar has no football history, or so the critics say. Now Doha-born journalist and author Matthias Krug sets out to debunk that myth by telling the inside story of the country’s most cherished football and sporting moments and players over the past six decades.