Indian Ocean Symposium

Towards a Re-mapping of Diasporic Circularities in the Indian Ocean World

Although the Indian Ocean World has a history of interconnectivity and exchange spanning millennia, it has only recently started to attract scholarly attention. As a consequence, studies on this world lag behind those of movement and connectivity in the relatively more recent Atlantic World. These connections linked the Red Sea, large swathes of the African continent, the Middle East, the Asian sub-continent and the Far East. Over millennia, plants, animals, people, languages, ideas, religions, precious stones, metals, technologies and a vast array of raw and manufactured commodities crisscrossed the vibrant corridors of the Indian Ocean to lands bordering it and beyond. These proposed case studies offer a wide variety of perspectives on circularities and identities forged in the Indian Ocean.  With this mapping, we endeavor not only to advance knowledge of this vibrant region but also to initiate discussion about overlapping African and Indian diasporas.