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Mehran Kamrava is Professor of Government at Georgetown University in Qatar. His research focuses on the modern political history of and contemporary issues in the Middle East. 

Professor Kamrava is the author of several books, including, most recently, A Dynastic History of Iran: From the Qajars to the Pahlavis (Cambridge University Press, 2022), Triumph and Despair: In Search of Iran’s Islamic Republic (Oxford University Press, 2022), A Concise History of Revolution (Cambridge University Press, 2020), Troubled Waters: Insecurity in the Persian Gulf (Cornell University Press, 2018), Inside the Arab State (Oxford University Press, 2018), The Impossibility of Palestine: History, Geography, and the Road Ahead (Yale University Press, 2016), Qatar: Small State, Big Politics (Cornell University Press, 2015), The Modern Middle East: A Political History Since the First World War (University of California Press, 2013), and Iran’s Intellectual Revolution (Cambridge University Press, 2008). Recently, he has contributed several articles to notable peer-reviewed journals, including the Muslim World, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, International Studies, Middle East Policy, Sociology of Islam, and the Middle East Journal. He is also series editor for Contemporary Issues in the Middle East and Iran from the Pahlavis to the Present

Professor Kamrava received his Ph.D. in government from the University of Cambridge.