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Omar Khalifah

Culture and Politics (Arabic)

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Omar Khalifah is Associate Professor of Arabic Literature and Culture and Director of the Arabic program at Georgetown University in Qatar.  In addition to modern Arabic literature, his research interests include Palestine Studies, textual and visual representations of memory, Arabic and world literature, and cinema and nationalism in the Arab world.

A Fulbright Scholar, Professor Khalifah is the author of Nasser in the Egyptian Imaginary (Edinburgh University Press, 2016), and is currently working on his second book, The Immediacy of Palestine: The Holocaust, the Nakba, and the Limitations of Memory (forthcoming). He is a novelist and short story writer in Arabic, having published the novel Qabid al-Raml [Sand Catcher] (Dar Al Ahlia, 2020) and a collection of short stories entitled Ka’annani Ana [As If I Were Myself] (Azminah, 2010). His articles have appeared in Middle East Critique and Journal of World Literature, as well as in mainstream media such as Middle East Eye and Al Jazeera.Omar Khalifah received his Ph.D. in Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies from Columbia University.