Fostering Global Academic Dialogues: GU-Q Welcomes Distinguished Georgetown Faculty from Washington, DC


Georgetown University in Qatar is set to host three eminent faculty members from Georgetown’s campus in Washington, DC, as part of its continuous efforts to foster academic exchanges and collaborative opportunities. In a welcoming email sent to the community, Dean Safwan Masri announced the upcoming visits of Dr. Amy Leonard, Dr. Jishnu Das, and Dr. Amani Morrison, saying: “These visits are part of our ongoing strategic efforts to strengthen connections between our campuses, to bolster intellectual and curricular exchange, and to help us identify opportunities for cross-campus collaboration.”

Dr. Amy Leonard, an Associate Professor in the Department of History and the Director of Undergraduate Studies at Georgetown’s College of Arts & Sciences, will be visiting GU-Q from November 19 to November 23, 2023. Specializing in European Reformation movements, early modern and pre-modern women’s history, and gender in the early modern world, Dr. Leonard’s research has notably contributed to understanding the role of females in Reformation Europe. During her stay, she will engage in a series of activities, including a faculty mentorship lunch, a faculty seminar titled “Discourses on Chastity in Reformation Europe,” a course design discussion with GU-Q history faculty, a “Wow Women” workshop, and open office hours for students and faculty.

Dr. Amani Morrison, an Assistant Professor of African-American Literature and Culture in the English Department, will also be on campus from Sunday, November 19, until Thursday, November 23, 2023, sharing expertise spanning 20th-century African American literature, race and space studies, performance studies, cultural studies, and the urban and digital humanities. Dr. Morrison plans to conduct class visits and take part in roundtable discussions, offering her insights and engaging with both faculty and students.

Finally, Dr. Jishnu Das, a renowned professor of public policy at the McCourt School of Public Policy and the Walsh School of Foreign Service, will visit GU-Q from November 28 to December 1, 2023. His work, primarily focusing on health and education in low and middle-income countries, has been instrumental in shaping policy and academic discourse in these fields. He has contributed to the World Development Report on Gender and Development (2012), and was the recipient of a number of prestigious awards from around the world. Dr. Das will provide an overview of his research on health and is available for meetings with faculty and students.

The exchange of ideas and experiences between the Doha and DC campuses continues to strengthen the global Georgetown network, fostering an environment of collaborative learning and intellectual growth, and underlining Dean Masri’s commitment to a vibrant, interconnected academic community.