GU-Q’s Palestine Speaker Series Tackles Law’s Role in Conflict

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GU-Q furthered the critical discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with its latest installment in the Palestine Speaker Series, a public lecture titled “Palestine and the Limits of the Law” featuring distinguished legal scholar, Professor Wadie Said.

Professor Said of the University of Colorado School of Law, and Senior Visiting Fellow at GU-Q, offered an incisive narrative traversing the history of Palestine’s legal battles across decades of conflict.

Understanding Limits of the Law

Drawing from the recent history of legal developments, Professor Said outlined the limitations of current legal frameworks in resolving the complex challenges of the conflict, often critiqued as tools that have historically favored Israeli expansion over Palestinian self-determination.

“An understanding of what the law says, from both an international and American perspective, is crucial to recognizing the contested discourses of the recent attack on Gaza,” Said explained.

About the Series

The Palestine Speaker Series at GU-Q is dedicated to elevating the narrative surrounding Palestine through scholarly engagement and public discourse.