Controlled Writing Exercise

All applicants are required to complete a Controlled Writing Exercise (CWE) as part of the application process. The exercise is an hour-long session during which each applicant is asked to write a short response to a prompt. It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure he/she schedules and completes his/her CWE. Without a completed CWE, the Office of Admissions will not be able to evaluate the application.

The CWE does not require advanced knowledge or preparation about any particular topic. The Admissions Committee reviews the essay for logic, grammar, syntax, sentence structure, etc. The committee pays particular attention to depth of analysis and written communication skills. The exercise is meant to simulate a routine experience of students sharing written work in a class.

Kindly note that the CWE is an electronic/typewritten exercise that is administered at the Georgetown University building at Education City in Doha, Qatar for Qatar-based applicants. International applicants will complete the CWE via the internet, during assigned times.

  • Have your Applicant ID number with you when you come in for the CWE. This is your unique ID linked to your online application. You can find this by logging into your online application.
  • Seats are limited for each session and available for those who RSVP on a first-come, first-served basis! It is your responsibility to RSVP to sit for the required exercise. 
  • You must arrive fifteen (15) minutes before the start of your session. Late comers will not be permitted entrance and will have to register for another date and time, based on availability.
  • Electronic and paper-based dictionaries, thesauruses, and grammar references may not be used.
  • Upon entrance to the computer lab, all mobile phones must be turned off and phones may not be used at anytime during the session. This will be verified by the proctor.
  • All applicants must present either a valid passport or Qatari ID card to gain entrance to the session. Photocopies of passports or ID cards will not be accepted.
  • For special needs or accommodations, please contact us before registering.