Graduates Aim High as Global Leaders and Innovators 

As they step into the world, three outstanding graduates from Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q)’s Class of 2024 are ready to leave their mark across diverse fields. Equipped with deep insights and skills honed at GU-Q, they are not just prepared for the future—they are defining it.

Active Citizen: Mohammed Al-Zeyara

Qatari graduate, Mohammed Al-Zeyara, an International Politics major, has set his sights on a transformative role in his country and the world. GU-Q’s diverse environment cultivated his international perspective and taught him the importance of communication. “Georgetown Qatar’s campus is a truly multicultural experience that guarantees a deep interaction with people from a multitude of backgrounds,” he says. 

Student life offered him a practical arena to apply his classroom skills. From serving on the Dean’s Residential Life Task Force to volunteering during the 2022 FIFA World Cup QatarTM, he embraced roles that sharpened his community leadership capabilities. With graduate school on the horizon and work experience in the security sector, Mohammed is well-prepared to drive change.

Social Entrepreneur and Published Scholar: Nur Mukhammadiev

The talented, self-taught computer programmer excelled at multiversity initiatives like the International Collegiate Programming Competition and Microsoft Imagine Cup, later channeling his knowledge into a business project awarded mentorship and support from HBKU’s Innovative Entrepreneurship Program. 

Nur’s commitment to social impact earned him recognition and support from Georgetown University’s Social Innovation and Public Service (SIPS) Fund, which advanced his project to train women in STEM skills back home. His research on racial bias in the football industry was facilitated by a GU-Q grant from the Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund and he has co-authored a peer-reviewed paper on eye-tracking technology in healthcare with former GU-Q postdoctoral fellow Mohammed Tahri Sqalli. As he plans to launch a startup in the region, Nur is on his way to becoming a key figure in social entrepreneurship. 

Asma, Mohammed, and Nur exemplify the Georgetown spirit. Their holistic education has prepared them as future leaders and innovators ready to engage with pressing global issues in a changing world.